The Best Dunker in the World isn’t in the NBA

The NBA is full of amazing dunkers and we see them often in highlights on YouTube. While the NBA is home to great dunkers, the best dunkers don’t always make the league. That is the case with dunker Jordan Kilganon. Watch a few of his dunks below.


Those dunks are ridiculous and there isn’t another human being that can do those dunks. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Kilganon worked very hard to master those dunks and he is the vertical leap to pull them off. Another person with a high vertical leap can do those dunks with a lot of practice. Until then, Kilganon is officially the best dunker in the world.


It is a bad look for the NBA when a scrimmage dunk contest is better than the actual dunk contest. As much as the fans and the league want a great dunk contest, it is not easy to pull off. NBA players don’t practice amazing dunks in the gym because they don’t get paid to do that. NBA players get paid to win and that influences their practices.


This video will be the introduction to a series of articles about the best dunkers who aren’t in the NBA. While I love watching basketball, seeing amazing dunks like these make me jump out of my chair. And I want to share these amazing highlights with everyone.


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