The Best Dunkers in the World: Zion Williamson

There may be a lot of great dunkers but even they know that Zion Williamson is special. He weights 284 pounds but still flies when he goes for a dunk. His dunks move the tectonic plates and cause earthquakes.


What is amazing about Zion’s dunks are how he glides when he dunks and the power us uses when he slams the ball in the basket. The Duke freshman has become a household name just by his dunking ability. He can do so much more than just dunk but we all want to see him dunk at the end of the day.

Unlike most other well known dunkers, Zion is still a teenager and less than a year removed from high school. Last year, we were watching his high school games and while he was well known, he didn’t blow up until he started playing for Duke.


Say what you will about college and how bad it is for players but it does expose many players to the media. Then again, there are players that fly under the radar. Duke and the NCAA has done Zion a favor by exposing him to the world. His first shoe contract will be a lot. And hopefully those shoes stay on his feet instead of being torn though. 


There won’t be many dunkers that can say they are one of the best dunkers in the world and only 18 years old. We have yet to see what the future holds for Zion but we already know there will be a lot of dunks. And we will be awed every time.



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