The Lakers Believe Acquiring Anthony Davis Will Solve All Their Problems

The Los Angeles Lakers want to acquire Anthony Davis to help LeBron James and company next season. There are a few choices but Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is their ‘top overall target’ according to sources.


So far, the Lakers haven’t looked great with the addition of James. He needs another superstar to succeed and the Lakers are paying the price. They have fallen into mediocrity and will likely miss the playoffs this year. That will make the team desperate to sign any superstar available and that has a lot of ways of going south.

Getting Davis would solve the problem but the New Orleans Pelicans don’t want to trade with the Lakers right now. They are angry at LeBron for tampering and influencing Davis’ decision to request a trade. And the Pelicans may get the last laugh.


I expected Davis to be traded by the trade deadline and was shocked that he wasn’t. The Lakers were willing to trade almost any player on the roster and the Pelicans still said nope. They wanted to see what the Lakers were offering but weren’t going to say yes to any offer than wasn’t very lopsided.

Keeping Davis was going to lead to drama and that is why I expected the Pelicans to get rid of him. But they wanted to be petty and laugh at the expense of the Lakers. That is childish and it may hurt them in the future. If they get less back for Davis down the road, the Pelicans will become a meme and the laughing stock of the NBA.

The Lakers really needed Anthony Davis. It would have gave them some motivation but all the trade rumors disrupted team chemistry. Nobody felt safe and the Lakers’ players were seen clashing with the young head coach, Luke Walton.

One problem the Lakers seemed to overlook was about their depth. If they had traded for Davis, the Lakers would have been depleted. Their young core would have been mostly torn and instead they would have third rate players starting for them. And that is not enough to make the playoffs in the Western Conference. LeBron is learning the hard way the difference between the Eastern Conference and the Western. He may be at home in June when he realizes his mistake of coming West. But it will be too late by then.


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