Will LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers Miss the Playoffs?


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently on the outside of the playoff race and everyone is wondering whether LeBron James and the Lakers will miss the playoffs this year.


Sitting at tenth place with a record of 29-30, the Lakers are worried about their playoff chances. They are four wins out of eight place but the way the Lakers are playing right now, that doesn’t seem likely. Out of the top eight teams in the Western Conference, only the San Antonio Spurs have more losses than wins the past ten games.


If there was one team that might lose their playoff position, it would be the Spurs. They have looked mediocre this season and losing to the New York Knicks in blowout fashion makes everyone wonder just how good the Spurs are. Unfortunately for the Lakers, there is one team ahead of them that has a better chance of making the playoffs then they do.


The Sacramento Kings have taken the NBA by storm with a great season so far. They are currently sitting in 9th in the Western Conference and have the talent to make the playoffs this year. I expect the Spurs to miss out and the Kings will sneak in.


There has got to be no worse insult than the Kings beating out the Lakers for the last playoff spot. Losing out to another L.A. team will really make Lakers fans angry and question their own franchise. And it is even more shocking considering the Lakers have LeBron James on their roster.


Yes, the same LeBron who has made in to the NBA Finals for eight straight seasons. That streak looks like it will end this year and in horrible fashion. He might not even make the playoffs! The 2019 season has been different and that has kept everyone entertained. It will be fun to see the LeBron fight for a playoff spot.


To add salt to the wound, Kobe Bryant fans will roast LeBron if he doesn’t make the playoffs. And to make it worse, Bryant’s 2012-2013 Lakers had the same 29-30 record that season and made the playoffs. Let the playoff race begin!


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