Luka Doncic is the League’s Newest Superstar!

This year’s NBA rookie class has a bunch of talented players but Luka Doncic is still shining brighter than everyone else. What makes Doncic so fun to root for and what does he does that makes him as good as he is.


The Dallas Mavericks wanted to land Doncic but they were worried he might get drafted before their fifth pick. So the Mavs did what anyone would have done; trade for a higher pick. They traded with the Atlanta Hawks and were now in possession of the third pick and with that, they chose Doncic.


Moving up to get Doncic seems to have paid off brilliantly for the Mavs. They ended up with the best player from the draft and their future looks brighter because of that one move. Now, Doncic has made the Mavericks a trending team with constant highlights and comebacks.


There is no better feeling than seeing a player takeover within the last two minutes of the game. Some players shy away from the limelight but not Doncic. He loves to take over late in games and he is very effective. He may have had a bad game for three quarters but that is quickly forgotten when Doncic scores consecutively in the fourth quarter.


With just a little more than half of the season over, Doncic already has a season’s worth of highlights. He has had a few comebacks but none of them will top his comeback against the Houston Rockets. He scored 11 straight points and won the game for his team. Another outstanding highlight was his game-tying buzzer beater shot against the Portland Trail Blazers.


Doncic has game and we have seen him grow. He has made the step-back his go-to move and it is fun to watch. A player his size should not move as eloquently as Doncic does. NBA scouts criticized Doncic’s handles while scouting him and thought he wouldn’t do great in the NBA. That prediction was wrong and Doncic’s handles has looked solid this season.


Many people were shocked when Doncic was receiving hundred of thousands of votes in ALL-Star voting. He didn’t make it unfortunately but that was the right call. He has played great this year but all the players ahead of him played better this year. In the past, the All-Star game has been a popularity contest but not anymore or Doncic would have made it.


The best thing about all is that Doncic is only 19 ( turning 20 tomorrow!!!). He has a lot of potential and with just a year under his belt, he will become even better. And the Mavericks will be in the playoffs next year. The kid from Slovenia has made the NBA is home and his reign will last a long time.


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