The Los Angeles Lakers Need to Trade Ingram If they Want to Get Better

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled as of late and it just may be that the Lakers don’t mesh well together. . They are playing great offensively but their defense is bad and changes need to be made. That is why they should trade Brandon Ingram in the summer.

Ingram has suffered since LeBron James joined the team and he is the odd man out. A big reason why Ingram’s game has suffered is because he plays in the paint and inside the three-pointer. With James becoming the facilitator, Ingram has to become more of an outside shooter and that isn’t where he thrives.

James is a great player but not every player can play with James. Ingram falls under that category. If you don’t shoot the three ball well, you will become a hindrance and we have seen that with the Lakers. They have to spread the court and it is hard when the Lakers have a lot of non-shooters on the court.

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Head coach Luke Walton has gotten better at playing the right lineups together lately. However, with an injury to Lonzo Ball, the Lakers have struggled. Ball is a great defender and his presence is being missed a lot. The Lakers need to get a defensive wing back for Ingram or they will not be able to compete in the Western Conference.
Other NBA teams have figured out how to beat the Lakers and the Lakers need to make changes. They cannot trade at the moment because the trade deadline has passed but once free agency arrives, they need to shop Ingram.

Los Angeles has a few issues and one of them is shooting the three-ball. They are bad and should definitely get a wing defender that can shoot. Ingram is not a bad player but the Lakers have made him the odd man out and he needs to leave and develop with another team.

The sad thing is that the Lakers won’t even think of trading Ingram because he is very unique. That is unless an offer they can’t refuse comes along. That may happen but the Lakers are so dysfunctional, I wouldn’t be surprised if half the team doesn’t return next year.


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