Will Kemba Walker Stay In Charlotte or Join the New York Knicks?

Kemba Walker has been surrounded with talks about where he will go in the upcoming free agency. There has been speculation that Walker will go to New York City and play for the New York Knicks. Will Walker retire in Charlotte trade him or is he going to play for the Knicks during next season.


During the upcoming summer, Walker will be a free agent. He is currently making $12 million a year right now. That is a steal for the Hornets and they will have to shell out a lot more if they want to keep Walker next season. And it sounds like he wants to stay in Hornet.

“As far as seeing me in New York, I doubt it,” Walker said. “I’m a Hornet, and I’m planning on being a Hornet for a long time, so, yeah, I’m not sure about that (New York).”

Returning to his hometown might be why people think he will sign with the Knicks. He is from the Bronx and the Knicks are counting on that to lure him to New York. That is a smart play but it seems like he is happy in Charlotte. The Knicks will have to be very appealing if they want to steal Walker away from the Hornets.


The Hornets haven’t had much success with Walker on the roster and that may be one reason change may occur. Losing will make teams do almost anything. Even trade their superstar players if need be. But Walker is the Hornets biggest star and unless they get something in return, they will make sure he stays around.

At a basketball camp, Walker was asked if he might leave the Hornets. He replied “I’m not planning to leave, no. It’s not up to me right now.”

That sounds nice and all but it can change quickly. Another bad year by the Hornets may make him try his luck somewhere else. Adding Parker to the Hornet’s roster may help them with leadership. If Walker is tired of the same results in Charlotte, he may just up and leave.

I think Walker will test the market next off-season. Ultimately, the Hornets will make him the best offer and he will end up resigning. He likes it in Charlotte even though it doesn’t mean he’ll ever win anything there.





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