Will Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Team Up And Sign With the Knicks?

The 2018 NBA season is about to come to an end in a couple of months and than the NBA playoffs will be upon on. While most teams will be focusing on making the playoffs, the Knicks will be thinking about the upcoming free agency and who they will land.


New York is aiming to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this summer. Durant is most likely leaving the Golden State Warriors. He has played well for them but if he wants to get paid, he will have to go elsewhere. Another reason is that he wants to be the face of a team. Durant can’t be the face of the Warriors as long as Stephen Curry is on the team.


A lot of luck and timing will be needed to land Durant. He hasn’t shown interest in the Knicks before but this year might be different. The Knicks have a bright future and most likely will have a top three pick. And this year, the Knicks have cap space to sign another superstar and that may be Irving.


Irving has an option to resign with the Boston Celtics this summer or he can opt out. Many people think he will opt out considering how bad the Celtics have appeared this team. They just don’t seem to have chemistry for some reason. That might be more than enough to make Irving leave.


Another interesting news that I think will affect his decision is where Durant goes. We know Irving wanted to team up with another superstar and that is still true. The news that we all found out last week was that Durant is one of Irving’s best friend. That and the fact that the Knicks can sign two free agents this summer means that they have a really good chance to land both Durant and Irving.


Unfortunately, there are 29 other teams that will prevent the Knicks from landing either star so it won’t be as simple as that. There will be ludicrous offers on the table, a lot of drama and even more rumors. But Knicks fans should be excited because this summer looks like it can change the franchise for the the next decade.


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