Will the Sacramento Kings make the playoffs?

The Sacramento Kings are currently sitting three games out of the Western Conference playoffs. A tough schedule has held them out of the 8th seed but that will soon change. As the schedule gets easier, the Kings will increase their chances to make the playoffs but will they?


As of right now, there are six teams that are fighting for the last three playoff positions. The three teams that are on the outside are the Kings, The Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Out of those teams, the Kings are the best. Yet that won’t be enough to decide who makes it. The schedule difficulty and injuries will ultimately decide who makes it.


The three teams that are occupying the last three playoff spots are the Los Angeles Clippers, the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz. Out of those three, the Jazz are most likely going to make the playoffs. The other two teams will have to win a majority of their games to make the playoffs and their current record indicates that isn’t going to happen.


Sacramento has a chance to sneak in and I believe that the Spurs will be the odd team out once the season is over. The Spurs just lost to the New York Knicks and got blown out by the Brooklyn Nets. Getting swept by New York City on their road trip is a bad sign. Those games are the ones the Spurs are supposed to win. Without those easy victories, they won’t make the playoffs.


The Kings are loaded with talented young players that are reminiscent of the early Golden State Warriors. I love the Kings roster and signing one or two veterans this summer will make them a solid playoff team next year. And one more year under their belt will help the young players on the team. Making the playoffs this year would give those players much needed experience which is why they need to make the playoffs this year.


When the season is over, I believe the Kings will be the seventh seed. They are too good to not climb that high. Other teams will need to struggle for that to happen but that is what has been happening. The Spurs are playing bad and the Clippers have fallen from the number one seed to the eight. The Lakers are just bad and the Wolves haven’t been consistent this year. If the Kings keep playing like they have been, they will make the playoffs.


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