Pau Gasol Plans to Sign with the Bucks After Buyout

Pau Gasol will soon be joining the Milwaukee Bucks after being bought out by the San Antonio Spurs. 

“Pau Gasol is an exceptional individual and the ultimate professional,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “We are grateful for his contributions on the court, in the locker room and in our community.”


As nice as that farewell statement is, the Spurs are glad to part ways with Gasol. Nobody can deny how good Gasol has been in his career but he is old now. Watch a Pau Gasol highlight from this season and you will think that the video was slowed down. Gasol is very slow and cannot keep up.

The Bucks don’t want Gasol for his production. They want him for his experience. Milwaukee will be making a deep playoff run and they have no veterans that have been to the NBA Finals. Adding Gasol changes that. He can be the mentor they need when they are perplexed on the biggest stage if they get that far.


Do not expect to see Gasol play too much. He will hurt the Bucks more than help them if he plays a lot of minutes. Some players cannot keep up with the game as they get older. Yet NBA players and coaches have a lot of respect for them so they will always find a home.

That has been on display this season with Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki. They have been getting a lot of love on road games and it has been nice to watch. If Gasol does return for another season next year, he will also get a farewell tour and rightfully so. He has had a great career and is going to be in the Hall of Fame one day.


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