The Best Luka Doncic Highlights from the Season!

Luka Doncic has just turned 20 years old yet he already has hundreds of highlights on the internet already. Today we are going to look at some of those highlights and see how much the player from Slovenia has already grown in his short career.



Watching Doncic in the Euroleague is like watching a different player. And it makes sense. In the Europleague, Doncic has one of the biggest players on the court. He used his size to post and shoot over players. Now that he is in the NBA, he cannot do the same thing. And it has not mattered one bit.

Doncic has utilized the step back perfectly and it is a lethal weapon. His handles let him create space and then he takes a step back. When he does that, he gets a free shot. Do not be mistaken, the step back is a hard move and when it is followed by a jump shot, the level of difficulty is very high. The fact that the Dallas Maverick rookies can make that shot now in his rookie year tells you how hard Doncic practices.


One of the best things we get to see is Luka evolving into a superstar right before our eyes. He has taken over games, made great blocks and passes and has had some great dunks this year. There has been no learning curve for Doncic and that makes sense. He has played professionally overseas and it has helped his transition to the NBA.


Doncic has won the rookie of the month award every month so far. That is impressive and shows the league how good he has been this year. It would be surprising if he doesn’t get rookie of the month every month. What will be fun to see is whether he gets the rookie of the year award. Doncic has earned it so far but he’ll need to play great for the remainder of the year to make the award his. And he is more than capable of doing just that.


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