Warriors Interested in Signing Former Player Andrew Bogut

The Golden State Warriors have been looking for a big man and it looks like they finally may have found one. Former player Andrew Bogut is available and the Warriors are interested in signing him.

Bogus was playing overseas in the NBL, an Australian league. Now that the season has ended, Bogus wants to play in the NBA. And more than a few teams are interested in him. Considering that he was a former member of the Warriors, they will be the favorites to land him.


If he signs with the Warriors, he will be guaranteed minutes because the Warriors have needed a backup center for DeMarcus Cousins. Golden State has tried to sign a center all year long but it hasn’t worked out well. Now they finally have a good chance to land a great backup center but they’ll face stiff competition from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Interestingly enough, the 76ers aren’t in dire need of a backup center. However, Bogut is a proven center with playoff experience. Hard to pass that up. And if you can steal Bogut from the Warriors, that is also a win. Teams do not want the Warriors to get better and stealing players is a great way to do that.

I think Bogut will ultimately sign with the Warriors. He has played for them before and he looked happy doing so. That may be enough to convince him to sign with the Warriors. It also doesn’t hurt that the Warriors are favorites to win the NBA Finals again.



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