The Boston Celtics Have Forgotten How to Play Basketball

The Boston Celtics went from being favorites to win the Eastern Conference before the season started to becoming the joke of the NBA. They are losing so much that it amazes everyone that the same team has 38 wins at the moment.

In the last ten games, the Celtics are 3-7 and are currently the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. It looks like that might be their position come playoff time and that is sad considering that the Indiana Pacers are the third seed even after their best player Victor Oladipo got injured.


Oddly enough, the Celtics are actually still in a great position to make it to the second round of the playoffs. They will most likely play either the Pacers or the Philadelphia 76ers and the Celtics have played great against the 76ers. But not having home court advantage might be their downfall.

What the Celtics want to avoid is playing the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the playoffs. That is what will most likely happen and nobody believes the Celtics will beat the Bucks. Everyone is waiting to see the Celtics get back to playing well but they lack the team chemistry to do so.


It is hard to pin point what the problem is. However, if I had to guess, I would say it has something to do with Kyrie Irving. When he is not playing, the Celtics play well. That does not make any sense unless the Celtics feel like they must change how they play when Irving is in the lineup.

Can the Celtics recover and play great basketball again? I do not believe they have a solution. If the problem is Irving, there is no solution for that. Boston will not bench him and the only solution left would be for Irving to leave after this season is over. That might have sounded like a bad idea before the season but now I’m sure most Boston fans will welcome that idea.


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