Will Lakers Not Making the Playoffs Affect LeBron’s Legacy?

The Los Angeles Lakers are really bad and proved it by losing to the Phoenix Suns. That loss highlighted just how bad the Lakers are this season. They will most likely miss the playoffs this year. How will that affect LeBron James’ legacy?

When James signed with the Lakers last summer, he assumed another superstar player was going to join him. Unfortunately for James, no other superstar signed with the Lakers. That meant that James was all by himself and had to lead a young charismatic Lakers team. We have yet to see that happen and it isn’t all James’ fault.


I expected the Lakers to struggle this season because they didn’t have great three point shooters. That meant that teams will be more than happy to let the Lakers shoot the three ball. I was right and the Lakers struggled a lot with the three ball in the beginning of the season. They are currently shooting 33.8 percent from the three this season, the third worst in the league.

The good news is that this is easy to fix. The problem is that the Lakers are aiming too high and that is why they are bad. Acquiring a superstar is their goal and it has backfired and it will continue to do so. Los Angeles should build from within like most teams but they are not patient. Being bad is one thing but being bad and not trying to improve is just bad management.

LeBron has made the NBA Finals 8 straight times and now he won’t be even in the playoffs. That is going to be a bad look on his legacy. The drop from NBA Finals to missing the playoffs is too big. It might even mark the decline of James. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say just that.


This week on twitter, there were videos of James playing no defense on multiple plays in a game. His lack of effort hurt his team and cost them the game. So he is partly to blame for the Lakers bad year. James has put up numbers offensively but defensively, he has declined a lot. Still, James should still put some effort instead of taking plays off. As a leader, he is the last player that can take plays off.


At this point in James’ career, he is going for the all time records. He has the potential to break a lot of records set by hall of fame players and that might be his motivation. It would explain why James offensive numbers haven’t declined.

Either way, it is safe to say that the Lakers won’t make the playoffs and James splendid career will hit a road bump. While it will tarnish it a little bit, most people won’t even remember this. History remembers the highlights and James has more than enough to overshadow this forgettable season.


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