Even Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Want to Play for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to sign Carmelo Anthony to the team but that is not going to happen. Anthony said he didn’t want to sign with them and can you blame him? The Lakers season has been a mess and Melo does not want any part in it.

One of the biggest reasons why Melo wanted to join the Lakers was to play in the playoffs. He wants to help a team win a championship. This Lakers team looks like it won’t be making the playoffs so Melo does not benefit playing for them at all.


In fact, Melo would add fuel to the fire if he did sign with the Lakers. He has received criticism in the past and was blamed for the Houston Rockets poor start earlier this year. He knows that if he signed with the Lakers, he would be caught up in the criticism. Better to sit out than join the circus that is Los Angeles.

The sad part is that except the Lakers, nobody else is going to offer Melo a contract. He is not liked by most general managers and has been released multiple times in the span of a year. Yet he still declined the Lakers. That might be the only offer he receives before he retires.


If you are the Lakers, this has got to hurt. Players that are undesired are telling you no. Yet they are to blame. The Lakers have been horrible for the past couple of weeks and losing to the Phoenix Suns highlighted that.

This news made me chuckle and I look forward to a few more chuckles from the Lakers. They have been the joke of the NBA this season and there are still about 20 games left for a few more giggles.


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