Lakers Expected to Fire Luke Walton After Season Ends

The Los Angeles Lakers will fire head coach Luke Walton after the season ends according to sources. Does this mean that the Lakers have already given up on the season?

If you expected Walton to remain the coach of the Lakers after this season, then you are an optimistic person. This has been a forgettable season for the Lakers and it hit its peak when they lost to the Phoenix Suns. And now they will use Walton as the fall guy.


There is nobody else who the Lakers can blame besides Walton. He is the head coach of the team and bears a lot of the responsibility. The problem with that is that the Lakers didn’t have a lot to work with. They weren’t able to recruit a second superstar to help LeBron James and that has lead to this dismal season.

Adding James to the roster was supposed to make the Lakers better. Unfortunately for the Lakers, James was not able to do that. He has been great for them offensively but he needs the ball and that has hurt the younger Lakers players. It also doesn’t help that James isn’t playing great defense. Scoring in the NBA is pointless if you don’t get stops.


I believe that Walton did the best that he could do. Competing in the Western Conference is difficult and more so when the team is in chaos. The last push was all the trade rumors for Anthony Davis. That may have been what ruined the Lakers team. Everyone not named LeBron was viable for trade. Players must have felt helpless and betrayed by the Lakers.

It doesn’t help that the Lakers were not loyal to the young players. They have been on the roster for a couple years yet they were tossed aside for LeBron and potentially Davis. That ruined any remaining chemistry and that is what we are seeing now. Players don’t trust each other and that is how you lose to the Suns.

The great news is that Walton will most likely get a job in the NBA easily. He is beloved by the Golden State Warriors and other front offices know that Walton wasn’t to blame for the Lakers situation. The Lakers situation however may take some time to sort out because they are really hoping another superstar will come along and sign with them and that hasn’t gone according to plan.


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