The Best Dunkers in the World: Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark is one of the few dunkers that can put the ball under both legs while in the air and dunk the ball. That is one of my favorite dunks because the level of difficulty is very high and there aren’t a lot of people that can pull that dunk.



Clark can fly and rightfully is called one of the best dunkers in the world when he isn’t teaching science to his students. Besides his insane vertical, what makes Clark special is his creativity. He has dunks that have never been done before and they are dunks that few people can even pull off.


His vertical is insane and leaves you speechless. He can reach higher than the backboard. A 46 inch vertical is insane and it is even harder to fathom if we didn’t have video evidence. He is one dunker you should keep an eye out for. His Instagram is here and his YouTube channel is here.


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