The Celtics Have a Kyrie Irving Problem

The Boston Celtics rough season seems to be getting even rougher. According to sources, Kyrie Irving has been “disengaged and detached from the Celtics.” That is as bad as it can get and is a sign that should not be ignored.

The problem has been the Celtics poor play. They have struggled recently and are under performing this season. They were the favorites to win the Eastern Conference this year but are currently the fifth seed. And everyone not named Irving is not playing well. It is ironic that Irving is detached even though he has had a great season.


But that is apparently not what the Celtics need from Irving. He needs to be a leader and that has not happened. And maybe it never will. Irving is not that type of player. That is not a new concept. There have been stars that aren’t the leader types and their teams still play well. Why do the Celtics play poorly when Irving is playing but well when he isn’t?

One of the reasons why Irving may be detached is that he is drained from all the drama. He does not know what to do because he is actually performing well. The players that are under performing are heralding some criticism but not as much as Irving. That is not fair to Irving at all.


The drama may have started last summer when Irving didn’t sign an extension with the Celtics. They were angry and feared he would leave. Irving wanted to be a free agent and determine his own future. That disdain may have carried itself this whole time and it is now imploding the whole team.

Boston wanted Irving to sign but hasn’t gotten a commitment. Now that they are struggling, they should let Irving leave. He has not been the solution and those two just aren’t meant to be together. Will the Celtics do the right thing? That is a tough question because teams normally like to get something back. In this scenario, they won’t be. But they don’t have the last say, Irving does.

The Celtics have an Irving problem but I don’t even know what that means. There is a lot we aren’t hearing because what we are hearing isn’t enough to explain any of this. Is Irving disinterested with the Celtics or


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