Andrew Bogut Agrees to Sign With the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been looking for a center to give them valuable minutes behind center DeMarcus Cousins and they have finally found one. It happens to be former Warrior Andew Bogut.

The reason why Bogut wasn’t available earlier was because he was playing basketball in Australia. Now that the season is over, Bogut can play for the Warriors. And they need Bogut more than they would like to admit.


A big issue for the Warriors has been their lack of depth. While they have great young players, they do not have veterans coming off the bench besides Andre Igoudala and Shaun Livingston. And they are old. Bogut is also old and won’t be giving them too much scoring but he is better than what the Warriors have at the moment.

Young players are too inexperienced and the Warriors are finding that out the hard way. In the past, Golden State has been able to sign veterans that were great in their prime. Now that that pool is depleted, the Warriors turned towards their draft picks. While some have been great, others have struggled and that has been a weakness for the this.

Depth is important when playing in the playoffs. Bogut will give them that and he had played with the Warriors before so he should fit in fast. He might end up playing a big role if the Warriors plan to three-peat this year.


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