Kevin Durant is Most Likely Leaving The Warriors This Summer

The Golden State Warriors are worried about Kevin Durant’s future and believe that he will be most likely leaving. They would love to change his mind but it will be all for naught.

Durant has played great for the Warriors and helped them win two NBA championships. With that kind of success, the Warriors know how valuable Durant is and know without him, they may not win another championship. However, Durant doesn’t want to be a Warrior anymore.


One of the reasons I suspect this is because Durant wants to cement his legacy and he can’t with the Warriors. While he may win a lot of championships with them, he wouldn’t be the face of the team and this historic run. That is Stephen Curry and rightfully so. He has been imperative for this Warriors run and has come to define it.

Throughout the season, Durant has shown frustration with his teammates. Him and Draymond Green have had an intense verbal altercation where Durant was rumored to reply that he is was leaving after this season. And while that rumor alone might not be enough, the Warriors believe that Durant will leave.


If anyone knows Durant’s future, it is the Warriors. They are around him all the time and they hear and see things. If they aren’t optimistic about resigning Durant, they must have their reasons.

Golden State needs Durant but the opposite isn’t true. Durant can build a team in the East that can make a playoff run next year. The West is too competitive and I do not think Durant will join the West for the reason. Also, Durant’s company moved it’s headquarters to New York City and that is indicative that Durant will play in the Eastern Conference and even the Knicks.

There are three months left and after that, we will be surrounded by the drama. Durant is one of many players that will become a free agent and change the landscape of the NBA. And most teams and players will wait till Durant makes his choice before making theirs because he is the best free agent on the market and his impact will be felt throughout the NBA.


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