Lakers Put LeBron James on Minutes Restriction

The Los Angeles Lakers are calling it a season. That means that their superstar player LeBron James will not be going all out since the Lakers aren’t going to make the playoffs.

This year has been a disaster for the Lakers. Many people thought the Lakers would make the playoffs after signing James in the off-season. And for a while they were. The Lakers were the third seed in December but an injury to James crushed any playoff hopes. That injury derailed the Lakers until they were out of the playoff picture.


Limiting James minutes is the best option considering he doesn’t want to be shut down. And that is just fine for the Lakers. James is chasing accolades late in his career and that will reflect well on the Lakers. But they don’t want to risk any injury to James so he won’t be playing 30 minutes a game anymore.

What bothers me about this is that while the last 15 or so games should help their younger players develop, it won’t. Playing without James and with James is totally different that any experience gained will be wasted. James is an incredible player but he tends to affect his teammates style of play.

The best route for the Lakers would be to trade some of their young players and get some veterans back. This season has proved that LeBron needs veteran players, not young players still developing. The good news is that the Lakers have the money to sign another superstar.



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