Kawhi Leonard Doesn’t Want to Play With LeBron James

If the Los Angeles Lakers were hoping for Kawhi Leonard’s presence to help overcome the hurdle they faced this season, then they are in for a disappointment. Leonard does not want to play with LeBron James   according to sources.

Part of it may be because the Lakers are a mess right now but it is deeper than that. Leonard is not the only player that doesn’t want to play with LeBron. It’s not that James is a bad teammate (which he has been at times this season), it’s because sharing a team with James is not easy.

We have seen players regress when they joined up with LeBron. When two players that dominate the ball come together, one of them will have to play the Robin. There cannot be two Batman on the team. That isn’t the only reason why players aren’t flocking to Los Angeles.


Another reason is that you don’t get the credit you deserve. Kyrie Irving felt that firsthand and wanted his own team as a result. James gets all the credit because he fills the stat-sheet well. Now players are seeking to form their own teams instead of joining super-teams.

Leonard has become a featured superstar in the NBA. He is the go-to man in the clutch and I’m sure he doesn’t want to give that up. That is why I think there is chance the Raptors resign him. They have sat him in back-to-back games and have accommodated him well. They have proven they care about Leonard.

You can cross off Leonard as one of the players that will play for the Lakers next year. That list of players is getting lower and lower. Los Angeles may have another difficult year if they don’t land another star and the odds seem to be against them.


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