Should the Lakers Trade LeBron James?

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a horrible first year with LeBron James on the roster. He has ruined the team chemistry and the younger players are not happy with him. That is why trading James may be a solution that has not been looked at.

Trading LeBron James would help the Lakers because it would let their young players take over. They have mostly regressed since James has arrived and it makes sense. They have taken a backseat to James and that is just how it is with James on the roster.

Now that we have seen the Lakers fail with James, the Lakers can go a couple of directions. They can sign more players next year and try again or get rid of James and let their young players develop. Brandon Ingram came into his own late this season and showed the ability to be the number one option.


Getting rid of Ingram would be a big mistake. He is a great player with a lot of potential and trading him away just for James is a bad decision. LeBron has regressed and has maybe two good years left in him. And while he will contribute offensively, he will get even worse on the defensive end.

Trading James would let the Lakers focus on rebuilding and they can get a good player and a draft pick back. It is a good idea but you just don’t trade James. He is a superstar player and that idea won’t even be mentioned but should be considered considering how bad the Lakers were with James this season.


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