Kevin Durant And Knicks Allegedly Had a Secret Meeting

The New York Knicks have shown a lot of interest in Kevin Durant and many people think they will land Durant this summer. Now, there has been more fuel added to the fire with the latest rumor that Durant met with the Knicks.

According to the rumor, the Knicks and Durant met up when Durant and the Golden State Warriors were in town. I will admit that there is little evidence except for one source. That might not be enough to prove this rumor to be true. However, I do believe this meeting may have taken place.


Last month, the Knicks sent out advertisements for the 20-19-2020 season. That is normal even though the season is still going on. What was odd though was that the Knicks used a picture of Durant as a Knick. That made no sense because Durant is currently a Warrior.

That move made me believe that the Knicks know more than they are admitting. Still, it was stupid to release that advertisement before signing Durant. Now, everything about the Durant and Knicks relationship will be scrutinized.

All signs seem to point towards the Knicks landing Durant. And I believe the Knicks will be hit with a tampering fine down the line. I’m sure the Knicks won’t mind paying a pine to land Durant.


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