LeBron James Wants Kawhi Leonard to Join Him and the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers really need a second superstar alongside LeBron James. Well, good news Lakers fans! James has been actively recruiting and the latest person he has reached out to is Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard will be a free agent after this season and he has made it known that he wants to play in the Los Angeles area. That is great news for Lakers fans except that there is another team that plays there; the Los Angeles Clippers. It will be a fight to land Leonard but that outcome seems to be decided already.

While the Lakers would love Leonard, they have said in the past that he isn’t there first choice. That was before they saw him play this season. Many teams feared that Leonard’s career may have derailed after suffering a gruesome quad injury. Now that Leonard has proven that he can play at a high level, the Lakers would love to have him again.


Yet, the damage may have been done. Leonard has said that he prefers the Clippers over the Lakers. The Clippers were smart and didn’t bad mouth Leonard. Instead, they defended him and even fired a broadcaster who badmouthed him. That is what a player wants from a team and the Clippers already have passed with flying colors.

There is also the rumor that Leonard doesn’t want to play with James. He may not want to be second fiddle or maybe thinks James isn’t the best teammate. Who knows. We only know that Leonard and the Clippers seem to be made for each other.

The most important thing that may decide Leonard’s future is how good the teams are. The Clippers are better than the Lakers without a superstar. That is a great achievement and sets up a winning future for Leonard if he were to join them. On the other hand, the Lakers are a mess and there seems to be more drama than fun.

LeBron would love some help in Los Angeles but it won’t be coming from Leonard. He has a much better option should he choose to leave the thriving Toronto Raptors. The Lakers are going to have a long off-season and a hard time finding superstars this off-season.


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