Doc Rivers Agrees to Extension With The Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers agreed to an extension with the team and will not be leaving according to some rumors. Why did he resign and what does that mean for the team?

This has been a great season for the Clippers. They are in the playoffs and the more important factor is that they are better than the Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody expected the Clippers to be better than the Lakers this year except for Patrick Beverley. That may be why the Lakers have shown interest in Rivers.


For the most part, this season is already over for the Lakers. They missed the playoffs and are going to fire head coach Luke Walton after the season ends. Walton is going to be the fall guy because there has to one especially in a situation like this. That has created a vacancy and the Lakers like Rivers and what he has accomplished.

What is interesting about this is that the rumors came out of nowhere. Somebody leaked this information and we don’t know if it was intentional or not. The Lakers may have wanted to make Rivers aware that they want to sign him. As smart as that is, it is still a dumb move.


First off, the Lakers are admitting the Clippers are better than them by chasing their current head coach. Second, Rivers is still coaching the Clippers. And lastly, why would Rivers leave the Clippers, a team that is having a great season and much better than the Lakers.

Signing with the Lakers would be a horrible move. Besides the fact that the team is a mess, it is also home to LeBron James. I have lost track of how any coaches James has gotten fired. He is uncoachable and that itself may be more than enough to disinterest most coaches, especially a coach that is thriving with a better team.


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