Are The Boston Celtics Overrated?

The Boston Celtics are one of the oddest teams in the NBA. One week, they look like a top-tier team and the next week, they look horrible. Are the Celtics overrated?

The funniest thing is that the Celtics keep telling everyone that they will be better in the playoffs. That doesn’t seem likely. If they can’t play well now, they won’t play well later. But I do understand why the Celtics believe that. They have a talented roster that is hard to beat when they are playing well. But they don’t play well all the time.

I think the Celtics just don’t play well together. It may be ego or that they just have too many good players and only one basketball. Someone needs to leave for them to play better. When Kyrie Irving doesn’t play, the Celtics seem to play better and that was also true for last season.


So yeah, I disagree that the Celtics are going to be a better team in the playoff. More than anything, the Celtics are benefiting from how they played earlier in the season. They are currently the fifth seed and will likely retain that seed until the playoffs start in two weeks. That means that they will most likely play the Indiana Pacers and I am not choosing the Celtics or the Pacers who are missing their star player, Victor Oladipo.

Yes, I said it, the Celtics will be eliminated in the first round. The Pacers play with more heart and grit and that will carry them to the second round. And the NBA playoffs will be more interesting that way.

The answer is yes, the Celtics are overrated. What is worse than that is the fact the Celtics keep telling us that they will be better in the playoffs. This team needs to be broken up this off-season or we will continue to see a good team under perform.


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