Jason Kidd Rumored to be the Lakers Next Coach

The Los Angeles Lakers will try to forget this season and it seems like they are already moving on. According to the latest rumor, the Lakers are interested in signing Jason Kidd as the next head coach.

Current head coach Luke Walton is going to be fired after this season. He did the best he could but there was no saving this Lakers team. The season derailed after some injuries and trade rumors. Those had nothing to do with Walton but the team is his product so he has to take the blame for it.


Replacing Walton seems like the best idea but he isn’t the problem. The problem is the team itself. LeBron James doesn’t adapt but expects players and teams to adapt to his style of play. That has always worked for James in the past but now that he is old, he isn’t always going to dominate games.

Can Kidd coach this Lakers team? I don’t think he is the best option. He couldn’t unlock the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks got much better once Kidd left. Yet that will be forgotten. Kidd is stubborn to a fault and that will backfire when coaching James.

Still, coaching the Lakers is a must and he said just that.

“I think when you look at the Lakers as a whole, it’s a franchise that is one of the best in the world—not just in the NBA, but in the world,” Kidd said. “And so, if you ever have the opportunity to wear the purple and gold, you can’t turn that down—as a coach, as a player—because they’re all about championships.”

I don’t blame him but when the team is being destroyed by the media, Kidd will get the blunt of that because he is the new coach. I remember when Steve Kerr passed up on coaching the New York Knicks and Derrick Fisher accepted that job. Fisher was fired soon after and Kerr is on his way to being one of the greatest coaches ever. These choices make of break coaches and Kidd is about to find out which type of coach he will be.


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