Chris Paul Crosses D. J. Wilson With Filthy Move


Chris Paul is known as one of the best ball handlers in the NBA and he showed everyone why yesterday. The Houston Rockets point guard crossed Milwaukee Bucks forward D.J. Wilson and sends him flying.

It’s one thing to be shifted by a crossover and another to be sent flying over 30 feet. Yet that is just what happened to Wilson when Paul crossed him. Did Wilson just give up and let himself fly by or did his momentum carry him under the rim?


The crossover would not have mattered if Paul didn’t make the shot but luckily he did. Making a shot that is too open is harder than most people think. You have too much time to think and you are definitely thinking about the crossover you just pulled off. And you are also thinking of not messing it up by missing the shot!

Overall, this was a great crossover and might be top three by Paul. He has a lot of great highlights and he has added another one with this unforgettable crossover!


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