Damian Lillard Almost Certainty Will Sign Supermax Extension With Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are getting signs that Damian Lillard will most likely sign a supermax extension with the Blazers. How much money will Lillard make with the Blazers if he resigns with them?

The supermax extension was created to give teams that drafted superstar players an edge when it comes to resigning. Superstar players tend to flock away onto better teams and bigger markets. Teams with smaller markets can’t compete with that so the NBA created the supermax contract.


This lets a team pay the player that will become a free agent more money than opposing teams. It is supposed to even the field but it has not done that at all. If players want to resign, it hasn’t been because of the money but out of loyalty. But getting extra money to resign is great for these players.

Lillard will see about a quarter of a billion dollars if he signs the supermax entension. That is a lot of money coming his way and he has earned it. To be eligible, Lillard has to make the All-Star team and he will do just that.

Give the Blazers a lot of credit. They have been able to get Lillard to want to stay in Portland even though the team hasn’t had much playoff success and were swept in the first round last year. They will most likely lose in the playoffs this year also after losing starting big man Jusuf Nurkic earlier this week.

It is hard to picture Lillard in another jersey. He has become the identity of the Blazers and is their leader. He may be small but he makes up for that with hard work and grit. Even if he doesn’t ever win a ring, he will be remembered when he retires and will be a legend in Portland.


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