Are the Bucks Better than the Warriors?

The Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the NBA with 57-19, something that many people expected the Golden State Warriors to have. Have the Bucks overtaken the Warriors as the best team in the NBA?

When the Warriors signed center DeMarcus Cousins in the off season, everyone thought the Warriors ruined the NBA. But something weird happened this season and that thing was seeing the Warriors regress. Suddenly, the were losing a lot of games and they weren’t blowing teams out anymore.


It appears as if the NBA caught up with the Warriors and that is partly true. The part that everyone seems to ignore is that the Warriors have lost too much talent and have gotten old. No longer do the Warriors have veterans on the bench that can score in spurts. Instead, they have players on rookie contracts and players from the G-League.

On the other side, the Milwaukee Bucks signed Brook Lopez in the off-season and Giannis Antetokounmpo got much better. They acquired Eric Bledsoe last season and he has fit well this year. And their current players got even better. Add that up and you have the 2018-2019 Bucks, the best team in the league.

Teams cannot guard Antetokounmpo and they cannot stop his teammates when he sits down. This Bucks team might make the playoffs without him. That is an extraordinary statement and tells you how far the Bucks have come. They have surrounded Antetokounmpo with talented players and have built a new dynasty this season.


With the Warriors regressing and the Bucks improving, it is only right to compare them. While I believe Stephen Curry is one of the best players, I think Antetokounmpo is the most dominant player in the NBA and will score unless he is triple teamed. Add a solid starting lineup and a good bench and the Bucks become a more difficult challenge.

More teams have beat the Warriors than the Bucks. Playing the Bucks is torture because you will always be the smaller team. When teams play the Warriors, they usually have the bigger man. Golden State is still thriving because they have three superstars playing while the Bucks have two but the Bucks other players outrank the other Warriors.

In today’s NBA, you need a whole team, not just a starting five that is good. The Warriors will find that out in this year’s playoffs while the Bucks will have the depth to overcome their competition this year and are my pick to win the NBA Finals.


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