Kings Interested in Signing Nikola Vucevic

The Sacramento Kings are looking towards the off-season after not making the playoffs this year. They have their eyes on Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevik and have a good chance of landing the big man.

For most of the season, the Kings were in the playoff mix. They were winning games and were proving to everyone that they belong in the playoffs. That fell apart with losses late in the season. In their defense, their schedule was really hard and now they are looking to bolster their offense by adding a scoring big man.


Vucevik is a great offensive player. He averages 20.8 points per game and 12.1 rebounds this season. Those are impressive numbers and I will admit I didn’t even know he was putting up those numbers. Will those stats get him a max contract though?

I do not think it will. It will come close but Vucevik is not a superstar and needs better players around him if he hopes to win. He is a great offensive player but defensively, he is not that reliable.

If the Kings do sign him, they will probably have to let someone go. It will be interesting what they do but this year has proven that the Kings need to make a few changes if they want to make the playoffs. Because they are almost there.

What I find interesting is that we won’t really know how signing Vucevik will work out. He is a great offensive player and the Kings need a consistent scorer and there is nothing more secure than a big man in the paint. But his lack of defense will let opposing teams score in the paint more often.

The Western Conference gets more crowded every year and that will be the case again next year. So the Kings have to make some changes if they want to keep up and make the playoffs.


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