Kyrie Irving Hits Game Winner Against the Pacers

The Boston Celtics beat the Indiana Pacers 114-112 with a game-winning shot by Kyrie Irving with 0.5 seconds to go. These two teams are likely to play each other in the playoffs and we got to see a preview of what’s to come.

What makes this series interesting is that the Pacers are still a good team even after they lost Victor Oladipo earlier this season. They have been competing and have stayed in the playoff race without their best player.However, they have fallen from the third seed to the fifth, this game being the one to drop them to the fifth seed.


The Celtics finally moved up to the fourth seed even though they haven’t played great basketball as of late. They are just lucky the Pacers don’t have their best player and that might give them a free ride to the second round. I still think the Pacers have a good chance to win the series but without Oladipo’s scoring, the Pacers struggle late in games.

To make matters worse, the Celtics are fully healthy and that means they have five to seven players that can score for them. This series will be fun to watch because we know the Pacers will play great defense and the Celtics tend to struggle offensively at times. But the Pacers will also struggle offensively and they don’t have Irving to be the difference maker.

In a few weeks, the Pacers can get better and have a better game plan. I do think that might be the case but I don’t think anyone will outsmart the Celtics head coach Brad Stevens in the playoffs. If this game is anything to go by than we are in for a great playoff series between these two teams and maybe a few more game winners.


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