LeBron James Makes Fart Noise When Asked About Roster Reconstruction

It looks like LeBron James has run out of word so he now makes farting noises to answer questions. All jokes aside, this story is ridiculous and it is amazing to see James flustered.

This is one of those I told you so moments. I predicted their non-shooting roster as their downfall and I was right. I would link to the article but SmallTeaser is a mess right now. What the Los Angeles Lakers failed to understand is that this is a three-point league now. Without able three-point shooters, you won’t win in this league.


The Lakers were able to win some games with their roster and that speaks for itself. They had a good team but they didn’t have the players to compete in this league. It is hard to say what the Lakers were thinking. Maybe they just wanted to make a splash with their signing which they did but it cost them the playoffs.

How were the Lakers supposed to acquire talent if not sign the best players available in free agency? The right answer is to trade one of your players for what you need. It is hard to imagine how thick-headed the Lakers were. They wouldn’t trade Brandon Ingram an build a good team. He is a great player but him and James both play the same and that won’t work out well together.

It should have been easy to see how James needed three point shooters to spread the offense. That is how James won in the past. For some reason, the Lakers decided to ignore all of that and gamble on a roster that shot 33 percent from the three this season. It is one thing to be stubborn and another to completely ignore the numbers.

So when James makes a farting noise to showcase his feeling about the roster change, don’t be shocked. It is the best way to answer for the mess that is the 2018-2019 Los Angeles Lakers.


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