Lakers Shut Down LeBron James for Remainder of the Season

The season might not be over for the Los Angeles Lakers but it is for LeBron James.LeBron James. The Lakers have shut James down for the remainder of the season.

Why did the Lakers shut down James? The Lakers are concerned that James hasn’t fully recovered from his groin injury. We have heard that the groin injury was serious and that James came back too early. So maybe that is a legit concern but it is also an insult to James.


We have seen James play through a lot of injuries and overcome injuries. He has played only 55 games this season, the lowest of his career. That has to hurt his ego because he is known to play until the last second. Now, he will be sitting while his team plays.

It all went downhill when the Lakers signed James in the off-season but weren’t able to acquire another superstar. That lack of a superstar came back to bite the Lakers because James couldn’t carry the load himself. He needed a Robin to his Batman but that was not the case this year.

A little rest for James might be the best decision. He has nothing left to play for since the Lakers are out of the playoff race. Now, James can start his off-season early and the Lakers can rest assured that they will get a healthy James next year.

This year is over and the Lakers are moving fast. They are already focusing on the upcoming free agency and need to make sure they get another superstar or James and the Lakers will have another long year.


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