Will Klay Thompson Resign With Warriors or Test Free Agency?

The Golden State Warriors are going to have a long off-season and one of the reasons why is Klay Thompson’s future. He will be a free agent after this season ends and the Warriors are hoping to resign him but will he test the market?

It will be interesting to see what the Warriors offer Thompson. Will he get a max contract or will the Warriors short change him? If the Warriors short change him, everyone will understand why. Golden State doesn’t have the ability to pay all their players max contracts. Some players will have to settle for less or leave and let another team pay them a max contract.


Thompson has stated that he will resign with the Warriors but he has also stated that he wants to get paid. Maybe both of those things can happen. Kevin Durant will also be a free agent and many people expect him to leave. I believe the Warriors will prioritize Thompson but will they pay him the max?

There are a couple of teams that will want Thompson and will give him the max contract. But those teams won’t reassure a winning season or culture. Plus, that will mean Thompson must leave his Warriors friends behind. He is close with them and might settle a little less money to remain with them.

So will Thompson actually take offers from other teams? I think he may listen to what they offer him but he will most likely return. Golden State has a great team culture and that maybe enough to make Thompson not even test the waters of free agency. Can you blame him though? He has been playing for the best franchise of the past five years. It is hard to leave when you are at the top of the NBA.



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