Where Will Anthony Davis End Up This Summer?

The 2019 summer will be a big one because there will be a bunch of superstars that will be free agents but the one making all the noise is a player that won’t be a free agent until 2020. Yes, Anthony Davis has arrived a year early.

It all started when the New Orleans Pelicans drafted Davis but forgot to give him a great team since then. He has lost numerous times and the built up frustration lead to him requesting a trade earlier this season. The Pelicans decided not to trade him before the trade deadline and will most likely move him during the off-season.


There are no guarantees in life but expect Davis to be traded. He has made it hard for him to return to the Pelicans by damaging the relationship between to the two. Now, Davis has to leave whether he wants to or not.

Expect most teams to inquire about Davis and what the Pelicans are asking for. It will be pretty pricey to land him but I have seen teams give up a decent trade package for superstars in the past. Maybe that will happen also. Or the Boston Celtics will ship two stars and that will be more than sufficient.

The Celtics are my pick to landing Davis. They will lose in the playoffs this year and will try to rebuild and that will force them to trade for Davis. Boston has enough stock to trade for Davis and still have a good team afterwards. The Pelicans like what the Celtics have and they don’t want to let the Los Angeles Lakers land Davis.

Yes, the Lakers will not get Davis because of spite. New Orleans didn’t like LeBron James tampering and influencing Davis to leave. Now, they will make sure the Lakers do not land Davis. Both teams lose but at least the Pelicans lose on their terms. The Lakers just lose with nothing to show for it.

I can’t see another team temping the Pelicans unless they trade a superstar and that doesn’t happen often. Teams hold onto them unless there is a lack of playoff success with that superstar. Still, there will be some drama before Davis’ future is decided and I will keep you updated on every twist and turn.


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