Should the Knicks Go After Kemba Walker?

The New York Knicks may be one of the worst teams in the league but they are still buzzing. That’s because they have the cap space to land two superstars this summer and are going to have a high draft pick. One player that the Knicks like and may sign is Kemba Walker but should they?

The two best point guards available in the summer will be Kyrie Irving and Walker. The Knicks have to decide which player they will pursue first and if one of them isn’t there, then they can settle for the other. That is if either of them want to play for the Knicks.

I believe that the Knicks will definitely land Kevin Durant because all the signs point towards him signing with the Knicks. If Durant signs with the Knicks, that will make the Knicks more attractive. And both Irving and Walker will want to play with Durant who is one of the best players in the league.

Now let’s focus on Walker a bit more. He is a great scorer and isolation player. In a pick and roll, Walker is almost unstoppable. But as good as he is, his team isn’t making the playoffs this year. The lack of help is part of it but the other part is that Walker is undersized.


Small point guards in the NBA will get picked on. Walker is a great offensive player so his defensive liability can be overlooked but it is something that the team will have to make up for by over helping and giving up three-pointers. Is that worth it?

As much as I hate poor defense, I think it is worth it with Walker. He has shown that he can score at will and would be a great pairing with Durant. The Knicks should chase Walker because he may be tired of losing and wants a chase to win which the Knicks might be able to do with a new roster next year.



Anything might happen in the upcoming summer. The Knicks will have a lot of options but Walker should be at the top of their list considering how he has been playing this season.

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