USA Basketball Team Recruiting Zion Williamson

Team USA is trying to recruit Zion Williamson for the Fiba World Cup that is taking place this summer. Will Williamson play for Team USA even before he plays his first basketball game?

What is amazing about this is that Team USA wants Williamson even though he has no NBA experience at all. NBA players are being bypassed for a player that has never played professional basketball. And we all know Williamson will dominate the FIBA World Cup.


Everyone would love to see Williamson highlights in the World Cup. We need more highlights by Williamson because when he dunks, we all win. I expect Williamson to accept this offer because he will get experience that most players in the NBA even don’t get.

Something to worry about is how much basketball Williamson will be playing. He just got eliminated from the NCAA tournament and if he accepts, he will be playing in the summer. After that, he might play in the summer league which I do not think will happen because of scheduling conflicts. And then the NBA preseason and the regular season at the end of October.


Phew, that was a lot to just think about. Overplaying is something people around Williamson will try to prevent because that leads to injuries. His future team will not like seeing Williamson play a lot but as of right now, that decision is solely his.



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