Will Giannis Antetokounmpo Win the MVP Award?

The Milwaukee Bucks are having an amazing season and it’s all thanks to their MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has carried the burden and may win the Most Valuable Player but it isn’t guaranteed and it may come down to the wire.

This year, Antetokounmpo is averaging a whopping 27.4 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game. While that may be impressive, the best stat is the Bucks record, 58-20. They have the best record in the NBA and are the number one seed heading into the playoffs!


You might think that those stats and win record are more than enough to win the MVP award and that may have been true any other year. One player has been playing so well this year that he has forced himself into the MVP conversation; James Harden.

Where Antetokounmpo is a great overall player, Harden is a great scorer who can also pass the ball. Harden is averaging a ridiculous 36.4 points, 6.5 rebound, and 7.5 assists per game. No player has dominated the season like Harden and many people believe that he deserves the MVP award for his unforgettable season.

The NBA is weird and while Harden’s scoring is impressive, it might not matter. The most important factor is whether you are helping you team win and while both of those players are helping their teams win, the Bucks have the better record. That might be what it comes down to win the MVP Award is voted on.


Another weird thing to consider is that while Antetokounmpo is having a great offensive season, he averaged, 26.9 points last year, a .5 less than he is averaging this year. So that goes to show you how many points you score isn’t what matters. It comes down to how valuable a player is and this year, Antetokounmpo has become more valuable than he did last his.

A big reason for that is the Bucks gave Antetokounmpo better teammates and his old teammates got better. Those two factors improved the Bucks and lead to the best record in the NBA. Now, a NBA Finals run is in the Bucks future and an MVP Award would be the icing on the cake for Antetokounmpo if he does end up winning it.


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