Do All-Star Players Want to Play With LeBron James?

After missing the playoffs, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers proved that they need another All-Star player to play alongside James. But do other All-Stars want to play with James?

If you look back to last summer, then the answer is no. There were a couple of All-Stars available but none of them signed to the Lakers. Was that because nobody wanted to play with James or because of the Lakers. We will never know but James and the Lakers striked out and this is the result.


Ignoring last year, James has had other All-Stars team up with him, most notably Dwyane Wade. After Wade, Kevin Love joined him in Cleveland but that didn’t turn out too well for Love and his career. He did get a ring though so I doubt he is complaining about it.

The downward spiral started when Kyrie Irving wanted to leave Cleveland. He didn’t want to be James’ sidekick anymore and left. After Irving, James played with Isaiah Thomas, who had a forgettable run with the Cavs. He played better for the Lakers after he was traded but Thomas has never been the same since his injury.

Playing with James is not easy. He needs the ball in his hands to be effective, he gets all the credit when his teams win and he doesn’t like to play second fiddle to anyone. That is a lot for a teammate to deal with just to play with James. It is one thing to already play for the team but another to choose to play with James when there are other options that sound better.


One more thing that will make players hesitate is James’ defense. He has gotten older and will take more plays off to recover energy. With all these shortcomings, it isn’t a surprise that other All-Stars don’t want to play with James.

Now, will the Lakers get a All Star player this summer? I think they might but it won’t come easy. I expect them to miss out on Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Kawhi Leonard. I think they might land a second tier All Star but will that be good enough to help them win in the Western Conference?

It will be fun watching this Lakers team figure it out because they are a mess. This run with the Lakers will affect James’ legacy and that will cause more tension for him and the Lakers. What more can NBA fans ask for than for the best player to struggle and one of the most historic teams not make the playoffs?


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