Luka Doncic Makes Josh Okogie Fall With Crossover

Luka Doncic adds another highlight reel just before the season comes to an end. He crossed Minnasota Timberwolves guard Josh Okogie and made him fall. After crossing him, Doncic stepped back and passed the game winning shot and the Dallas Mavericks ended up losing.


Yes, I think Doncic should have shot the last shot but hey, it was a great unselfish play. You can’t get mad at a player who finds a better shot. He did everything he was supposed to but we are greedy and want to see more Luka Magic.

It is amazing that Doncic crossed a guard and not just any guard but Okogie, If you don’t know Okogie, that’s fine. He is a rookie and hasn’t gotten the attention like Doncic has but Okogie can play. Even if you don’t remember his name, you’ll remember his fantastic defense and block on James Harden earlier this year.


Yes, that guy. He embarrassed Harden when other players fail often. He has a bright future as a great defender and his defense was the reason why he ended up on Doncic. He has a few things to learn to guard Doncic though because nobody is going to let him for get that crossover and drop.


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