Bucks Win Over 76ers Gives Them Home Court Advantage in Playoffs

The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 128-122 and earned home court advantage in the playoffs. Nobody could have seen this coming before the season started but here we are.


Beating a good 76ers team that they may see again in the playoffs is a great statement. It was a close game and the Bucks pulled away in the last minute with great offense and defensive plays. They looked ready for the playoffs and Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 45 points, 13 rebounds, six assists and four blocks against Joel Embiid.

Getting home court advantage for the rest of the playoffs was the last thing the Bucks were playing for and now that they have gotten it, they can rest their players if they need to. The playoffs will be upon on in a week and players will reset their mind and hope to win it all.


Milwaukee has a great chance to make a deep playoff run and are my pick to win the NBA Finals this year. They have a great team, a superstar that is unstoppable and play great defense. There is stiff competition in the East this year but the Bucks have played great this year and I do not think they will lose four times in a series with the roster that they have.

Honestly, the Bucks have been the best story of this season. They jumped over a bunch of teams to claim the best record in the league with 59-20. It was unexpected but now it has become the norm. Antetokounmpo needs the Most Valuable Player award for this to be the perfect season for him and the Bucks.

I am excited for the playoffs and love all the match-ups that are going to take place in the first round. There might be an upset or two and with the high-powered offense of the 2018-2019 season, anything can happen. The Bucks can emerge out of the East as a legitimate contender or the pressure might get to them. Who isn’t excited about seeing a new dynasty form this year? We are seeing something special unfolding right before out eyes and these playoffs will be one of the best playoffs in a long time.

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