Greg Monroe Signs With 76ers After Celtics Let Him Go

The Philadelphia 76ers got a little extra help in the form of Greg Monroe. The backup center has signed with the 76ers after being let go by the Boston Celtics after his 10 day contract expired.

Signing Monroe might not be that big of a deal because Monroe is just not that good of a player. He is a big body and a good rebounder but he is just not consistent. The Celtics let him go and that might be the reason the 76ers ended up signing him. 

To make room for Monroe, the 76ers waived forward Justin Patton. I have no clue who Patton is so I do not think he will be missed at all. To get back to my earlier point, the 76ers may have signed Monroe just to get some insight to the Celtics game plan and locker room talk. It won’t be the first time a team has done that and teams will use whatever they can get to win.

The Celtics don’t seem like they will miss Monroe considering Brad Steven’s response about letting Monroe go.

“Makes sense to keep playing with the guys we have,” Stevens said. “If we do have minutes, distribute those to Robert (Williams) and Guerschon (Yabusele) toward the end of the season.”

In a couple of weeks we will find out if this move by the 76ers was a good one or pointless. If the 76ers do beat the Celtics, it will make me wonder how big of a role Monroe played.


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