Alex Caruso Is Balling for the Lakers!

The Los Angeles Lakers have given up for the remainder of the season and have inserted a bunch of players few people have heard of. Well, for Alex Caruso, that is going to change.

The 23 year old guard from Texas A&M is having himself an week to remember. Just last week against the Indiana Pacers, he went off for 23 points and I became a fan. He played great, hustled and made great plays. Those attributes will earn you a lot of respect from coaches, NBA players, and fans.


Against the Golden State Warriors, Caruso got everyone out of their seats with a spectacular put-back down. LeBron James was in awe after seeing that dunk and so were we. Having a highlight dunk like that will get you on ESPN very fast and a lot of fans.

The biggest game of Caruso’s career came against the Los Angeles Clippers. He scored 32 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and had five assists. What a stat line from a player that wasn’t drafted and hasn’t seen a lot of NBA minutes.


What everyone is going to wonder is what will happen with Caruso. He is a gem that the Lakers found at the end of the season and they will try to sign him as a backup point guard to Lonzo Ball. They would be crazy not to. However, the NBA is aware of how good Caruso is and he will get a bunch of offers once this season is over.

He may not be a top free agent in the upcoming summer but a bunch of teams will make a play for Caruso. He is going to be a affordable contract with great potential. Caruso already shows a lot of leadership and will easily be part of the rotation when the next season starts,



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