Klay Thompson Will Not Meet With Lakers During Free Agency

It looks like the Los Angeles Lakers missed out on Klay Thompson and free agency hasn’t even started yet. Why do many people think Thompson won’t even give the Lakers a chance?

There may be a few reasons why Thompson may not even meet up the Lakers. For one, he is most likely to resign with the Golden State Warriors. The question is whether the Warriors will give Thompson a max contract or not. Golden State isn’t going to let Thompson leave and will make sure he stays even if that means giving him a max contract.


If for some reason Thompson wants to test out the free agency, the Lakers will still have trouble landing an interview with him. Last season was a disaster for the Lakers and players will try to avoid destinations that are chaotic. The good news is that the Lakers will look very different next year but they will miss out on a few players that they would like.

Lastly, I think Thompson might not want to play for the Lakers because it is LeBron James’ team. Recently, All-Star players have been avoiding teaming up with James and expect that trend to continue. For Thompson, it may be a bit more personal. He played against James in four straight NBA Finals and there have been some heated games between both teams.

Many teams will flock towards Thompson and he won’t be able to meet with all of them. And if he plans to resign with the Warriors, then there is no point to meet with other teams. The odds are stacked against the Lakers but that seems to be expected. They are likely to miss out on a bunch of All-Stars and that is sad considering how rich the Laker’s history is. And Thompson will just be one of many players that they won’t be signing during the upcoming free agency.


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