Milwaukee Bucks Vs Detroit Pistons: First Round Match-Up

The top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks will be facing the 8th seed Detroit Pistons in the first round of the Eastern Conference. This series is going to prove to everyone just how good the Bucks are and will show us if they are the real deal or a fluke.

Milwaukee had the best record in the league with 60 wins. They looked great all season and have become a force. That will be challenged by a tough and gritty Pistons team. Is there a chance for an upset?


I think there might be considering some of the factors. The Bucks do not have a lot of playoff experience. While I do think that is exaggerated, some experience does help. On the other side, the Pistons have Blake Griffin and he is going to cause havoc for the Bucks. He has been shooting the three ball well and is a hard match-up.

Guarding Griffin is going to take a team effort and it still may not be enough to stop him. However, the Bucks are a great defensive team and even if they cannot stop Griffin, they can stop his teammates and that should be more than enough. I say that because the Bucks offense is not going to be stopped by the Pistons.


Stopping Giannis Antetokounmpo is almost impossible. What is possible is throwing the whole team at him to slow him down. That would have worked in previous years but not with this Bucks team. They have a lot of role players that have played well all season and Khris Middleton is an All-Star this year and will torch the Pistons.

Do not expect an upset but do expect the Pistons to steal a game or two. The Pistons are a sixth seed team that is pretending to be the eight seed. But it won’t matter as they will be leaving in the first round. Welcome to the East, Blake Griffin.


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