Luke Walton is No Longer the Coach of the Lakers

What a week for the Los Angeles Lakers. They lost Magic Johnson earlier this week and now Luke Walton is also leaving. Walton and the Lakers came to an agreement that Walton will not be the coach of the Lakers any longer.

That is a nice way of saying you’re fired. It looks nice on paper though. “Oh, I left the Lakers because it wasn’t working out.” It is better than being fired, something we knew would have happened down the line.


Walton may be a good coach but he lacks experience. Coaching the Golden State Warriors is different than coaching the Warriors. You don’t have multiple superstars on your roster to bail you out each night. Plus, the drama that surrounded the Lakers would have taken down any coach.

We have seen many coaches get fired who coached LeBron James. He is not an easy player to coach and maybe not a player that can be coached. Walton may not be fired but the end is the same; another coach that coached LeBron has left on bad terms.

I will be the first one to say it; Walton didn’t deserve to get fired. The Lakers were a mess and Walton was the fall guy. However, Walton did it to himself by wanting to coach the Lakers. But he sort of had to because he was a former Lakers player. And now he is one of many coaches that has been let go of them.


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