Sacramento Kings Reportedly Hire Luke Walton

It looks like Luke Walton was unemployed for less than a day! After parting ways with the Los Angeles Lakers, Walton has reportedly agreed to become the Sacramento King’s next head coach.

So yeah, Walton is apparently great at job hunting. Actually, the reason why Walton got hired really fast is because Kings GM Vlade Divac wanted to hire Walton in 2016 but Walton signed with the Lakers instead. He just waited until Walton became available and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.


The story gets a little better which is why we watch the NBA. Not because of the actual games, but for the games going on off the court. About seven weeks ago, the Kings let it be known that they wanted to hire Walton. From this fast hiring, it is safe to assume that both parties had talked about it. Why else was Walton let go so suddenly? He had a job waiting for him.

If Walton didn’t have that job waiting for him, he wouldn’t have parted ways with the Lakers this soon. What interests me the most is that Walton may have won the battle with the Lakers. All season long we heard that he was going to be fired but he lasted the whole season and ended up as a coach of another team in California.

The Lakers on the other hand are starting off the coaching hunt pretty bad. They are trying to bring back a former coach of LeBron James and that won’t work out well. Los Angeles is a whole different world and we saw that play out and L.A. came out on top. Magic Johnson also parted ways and suddenly, the Kings’ future looks a lot brighter than the Lakers.

Walton can now redeem himself with the Kings and the first step is going to be to make the NBA Playoffs come next year. If he doesn’t, than it is safe to say he isn’t that great of a coach. But I wouldn’t bet against him and the Kings. Walton is smart and as we saw this week, he is also very cunning.


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