DeMarcus Cousins Injured But Warriors Hoping for NBA Finals Return

The Golden State Warriors lost DeMarcus Cousins to a left quad tear injury in Game 2 of the first round against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Warriors ended up losing that game after having a 31 point lead and that sums up the Warriors. Can they win without Cousins?


It looked like the Warriors were going to cruise to the NBA Finals after a blowout game one and a good first half in Game 2. However, with Cousins out to injury, they lost an important piece. Now teams can cheat off of the Warriors’ big man and don’t have to worry about Cousin’s productions anymore.

That injury sucked because Cousins worked so hard to come back from injury. He was playing well and the Warriors looked unstoppable. Now, Cousins is hoping to return to the NBA Finals if the Warriors make it there without him.

However, even if the Warriors make it to the NBA Finals, Cousins will not be of much help. His injury will make him be cautious and he won’t be a hundred percent. Even before Cousins’ injury, he looked like he lost a lot of speed due to the injury. And it is important to note that Cousins got hurt will sprinting to save a lose ball.


This might be the year the Warriors lose before they make it to the NBA Finals. They have little depth and too many weaknesses. They blew a 31 point lead and that is no going to reassure anyone. Kevin Durant looked like he wasn’t there mentally in Game 2 and if he keeps playing like that, he might be the downfall of the Warriors.

It may be that Durant is already contemplating his next destination and that may be a big distraction. I hate to say it but this is where I appreciate Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and the older style of NBA basketball. Every game was important, every play was played intensely. Now, players take plays off and even nights off because they don’t feel motivated or like they have to prove anything.

Ironically, Cousins wanted to prove something. He wanted to prove that he isn’t cancer to his teams and that he is capable playing great even after his injury. But that train has derailed partly. He played great and fit in with the Warriors well. But he suffered yet another injury and will have to prove himself all over again and there isn’t enough time for that.


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